Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What would you do?

So today a very distracted Kelly left the grocery store without a very important envelope in hand. It's one of those great little envelopes that banks put your money in. Not only is my $100 gone I still hadn't taken out my driver's license or my debt card (both needed for identification reasons). I didn't realized they were gone until later this evening. So I called up the only store I had been all day to see if by chance a kind person didn't actually steel my money...or at least turned in my "personal" items. This is how my conversation went.
"Hello (name of store)"
me-"Hello, I was wondering if anyone turned in a lost TCF bank envelope. I left it at the counter earlier today. It had a driver license, credit card and some cash in it"
"Cash (short pause) no"
That was it. She hung up on me after that. Not only am I extremely upset that I lost a lot of money, had to cancel my credit card and am facing an hours wait at the Secretary of state I was treated unkindly and with no respect by a place I spend my money at! So after dealing with an unhappy husband and shedding a few tears I got to wondering "what would I do." If I found that kind of money, actually any amount of money with all the information to return it to it's owner what would I do? Of course I would return it. Ironically my SIL left her wallet at the post office this past weekend. Once she realized it was gone she said to me "what would you do?" I told her I'd mail it back to her... I'm at the post office! Anyway, what I really wanted to say, at least what I was starting to say is at what point did our attitude shift from "oh someone will mail it back to me" to "great so glad I paid for someones groceries?" At what point did I lose all hope in human compassion and understanding? At what point did I just assume that no one would be like me? Before I even called the store I just assumed that someone just took it and was walking around thinking "it's my lucky day" It makes me sad that I feel this way and for my own belief in human kindness I hope I get a pleasant surprise and a renewal of common good. I hope someone proves me wrong and makes me feel embarrassed and even more sad for my assumptions. Sorry for this rather depressing post...I think I need some stamp shopping. Unfortunately I have no debit card, no cash and no ID to even go to the bank to get any.


Jana said...

What a bummer!!! I'm sorry Kelly.
Just so you know I would most definitely send it to the person. Heck maybe they did already and you are just waiting for it in the mail. I hope!!!!

Mashellee said...

That sucks.. and yes I too would send it to you! I hope you do get that envelope in the mail but if not don't lose faith in humanity there are still good people out there... maybe they needed it more than you did....

Nicole said...

Oh that sucks so bad!! I am so sorry hugs to you!! I hope you get your stuff back.... Please keep us posted and I will send good thoughts your way! lol