Friday, May 23, 2008

What's on your shoulder?

This is my favorite paper by close to my heart! It's just great colors and great design. It fits me and my little scrappy personality just great. I couldn't wait to put together a super duper fun page with it. Since I just LOVE the paper so much I HAD to pick the cutest story ever.

One afternoon Mikayla and I were shopping for a very important birthday present. A present for a special person who was turning (watch out!) 30! It's hard to shop for these types of presents I know. You could go with the sweet gift, the funny gift, the boring gift I just couldn't decide. Macy's is crammed full of ideas and I sat staring at bags wonder this and pondering that. I was lost in the gaze of the beautiful detailing of Kate spade and the fun new prints by fossil when I realized Mikayla wasn't at my side nagging me to hurry up. I quick turn around and see her bright eyes staring at the make-up counter covered with beautiful rows of lipstick. I calmly walk over to Mikayla and say (very sweetly) "Honey, don't touch those." Next thing I know Mikayla turns around very seriously and says to me. "I know. The Devil he sits on this shoulder and he tells me to touch them, but God he sits on this shoulder and tells me what I should do and I listen to God" Very proudly she turns back around and continues to stare. "Hum" I think to myself. That was interesting.

So there it is cute pictures, cute story, cute paper.

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