Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Firecracker. A term I think of only during the few weeks leading up to the forth of July. Even then Firework is a more appropriate least here in Michigan. Firecracker is not a term I would EVER use to describe someone's personality. So you can imagine my surprise when it was directed at me. What are you talking about I hear you all asking! When did this absurdity happen? Who would call YOU a firecracker... and what on earth does it mean? The story of the Kelly Firecracker started over a week ago. I stood up as a bridesmaid in my friends wedding (let's all clap our hands for Mike and Stephanie! Yeah!) I was dancing, being silly and having a splendid time! The wedding was a blast great DJ, fun people and plenty of my favorite drinks. The brides and groom's family and friends were all friendly and adorable. Between joking with the bridesmaids, dancing with the my sorority sisters, chatting with the hubby and being introduced to the groomsmen (who were all from out of town) I came off as a firecracker. I know it still makes me giggle too. Speaking of giggle I think I am adding firecracker to my list of all time favorite words! So WHO decided to give me a if I don't have enough of those! Let me tell you, it came from this self proclaimed southern gentlemen who happened in my way as we were hopping partners during the last dance. ( My Mr. handsome aka Matthew was Off talking without me! I know it's amazing) So he starts laughing at me, I swear I don't dance THAT badly. Then proceeds to call me a firecracker. What a silly thing to call a person, I thought. I am SO NOT a firecracker...who uses the term firecracker anyway? It must be a southern thing...right? What a silly little word. I still can't get over it. So WHAT is a firecracker... when applied to a person. I am not sure. I would think it would be someone who gets fired up and then blows there top off. I don't think I'm like that, apparently I am wrong. Well, either wrong about the definition or wrong in my judgement of myself. Anyway It's been a little over a week and that comment still cracks me up. What a firecracker I am!

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