Friday, August 5, 2011

Where is the smile?

I'm all about smiles.  I love big happy faces.  I find smiles and faces in everything: the clouds, wood patterns, shadows in the grass, spills on my floor.  So it is no surprise that after I took the picture of my favorite flower at the Detroit Zoo that I found a face right in the middle of it.

So do you see it?  I just know that God loves to show off.  I know that he knew I would see it.  In the strangest way I knew I was meant to see this flower.  So when looking for the perfect logo for my *big adventure* I instantly went to this picture.  Even though it was taken 3 years ago (with a point and shoot camera) this flower was it.  I've always thought daisies were the friendliest, happiest flowers on this planet.  I love the simple yellow and white.  I love the soft slim fun-to-pluck petals.  I love that they grow tall and crazy.  It's like they are always good for a laugh.  The idea of this flower was everything that I wanted my photography to be: Fun, Happy, Playful, Surprising, Enjoyable, Silly, Meaningful, Interesting, Imaginative....  So here is another sneak peek of what is soon to come!
I know that it is not the fanciest,  most artistic or even practical logo but there is nothing else I would rather be using.  I love my smiling flower!

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